Spiders, Bats, Ghosts, Mummies, a Bat-Eva and a Cowboy. 


Crafting, Mask Making, Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin, Donuts on a Spring and a bunch of cute kids dressed-up, made for a fun little Halloween party. The kids had a blast and Eva is already looking forward to next year!

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”



Imaginary play at its best:

"Plut plut plut. I’m running out of petrol! Oh no, my propeller fell off! Don’t worry, I’ll get my tool box and fix it."

Little Aeroplane (Flatout Frankie)

Pumpkin Carving

Determined to celebrate Halloween properly in Australia, we purchased an over-priced pumpkin. And on the eve of Halloween, the kids watched on as Johnny carved the pumpkin. Our holiday tradition as a family of four has begun. 

Happy (belated) Birthday to a much loved father and husband! 


Our computer is back — fixed and with a new hard drive. And while we regularly back up our photographs with Time Machine, we are unable to access all of them. Thankfully, we have a second back-up, but we’re missing the last month or so of pictures. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a big deal, both my kids have well documented childhoods!

So while our iMac has been out of action, Owen has had a few milestones — sitting unassisted (!!!) and starting solids. He has been far too interested in food to hold off any longer. Over the past couple of days we’ve started him on a routine of porridge or cereal in the morning. And so far he loves the taste of apple and enjoys gumming and sucking on cold pieces of rockmelon, the latter being a favourite since Owen is teething. On Friday, his first little tooth poked through!

As you can imagine, life lately has been busy! 

Ode to an Amazing Daddy

He always makes time for one last bedtime story, one last kiss and cuddle before he walks out the door. He is the master of imaginary play, taking on characters with conviction. He gets up early with the kids, so I can sleep a little longer. He takes Eva to ballet on a Saturday morning and actively participates in each dance. He rushes home most afternoons to take Eva to the park. And always does it with a smile.

Owen and Eva are very loved and lucky to have a father like Johnny.

**** Our hard drive died on our iMac a couple of days ago! Thankfully, all of our pictures (although, unedited) were backed up on our Time Machine, but I won’t have access to any of them or be able upload the ones off my camera until we get our computer back!


Life has proven to be crazy busy with two kids. But as much as it’s easy to get caught up in the daily routine, I’ve been trying to pause, slow down and be in the moment. The laundry can wait. 

Eva is at such a fun age — full of questions and constant chatter. Throughout the day I’m often amazed at some of the thing she says. She is a little sponge and now loves to question and challenge us.

Johnny: (under his breath and just missing a green light): Bugger.
Eva: What’s that mean?
Johnny: Uhhh … That’s a Daddy word, not a kid’s word.
Eva: But I want to say it.
Johnny: Well … you can’t.
Eva: OK.

I give it another 3 months—6 if we are lucky—before this kind of logic won’t work.

Owen is now 5 months old and is at that perfect baby stage — full of smiles and giggles. He can now sit unassisted for a couple of moments and seems to enjoy his new found independence and perspective. Although he is still a little over confident, so our arms are always out ready to catch him. It’s crazy to think how much he has already changed in these short months.

With only 5 weeks until we leave for our month long Christmas vacation in the States, I’m sure the kids will have rapidly changed again!

** We’re stopping in LA and taking the kids to Disneyland for a couple of days, any tips or advice? 

Owen Henry — 5 Months Old

Hello little boy,

You’re 5 months old today. In the last month you have learned to roll both onto your tummy and onto your back. You are forever rolling ‘off the reservation’ in order to chase down a toy or something that catches your eye.

You’re working hard at sitting up. You can tripod sit and sit cross-legged with a little hope, but fold in half immediately if we let go of your finger.

You grab, you pull, you reach out for us. You love to get up close and personal and pull our faces right to yours.

You are so interested in food. You lunge for any food in our hands or on our plates. You want to drink out of cups and god forbid we deny you bits of apple to suck on.

You are no longer happy to sit on the sideline. You want to play, and be played with. Your favourite toy though is your sister. As Eva bustling and screaming and tearing around the house, you watch intently, desperately wanting to join her in ripping through the house.

More than anything, we love to watch your personality evolve. Already you’re involved and love attention. You’re cheerful and easygoing. Your sister at the same age was wary of new faces and places. You are curious about everything and everyone. No one is a stranger. Unless they have a beard; that really freaks you out. 

You’re happiest when being held. And you now snuggle into our chest and  clutch onto us. You’re a sweet boy — always smiling — and we couldn’t be more in love with you!

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”


Eva: Bat-Eva

Owen: Little Mister  


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