Yes, I raided my four-year-old’s dress-up box for a last minute costume! 
* As seen here. 

Yes, I raided my four-year-old’s dress-up box for a last minute costume! 

* As seen here


Another year, another Out of the Box Festival

I know I’ve said this before, but I really do love living in Brisbane. There are just so many amazing opportunities and activities for families and children.

During the Winter school break, we spend the day at Southbank exploring the various events, activities and crafting areas. Eva made an “E” alphabeast and placed her wish to be a princess on the wishing tree. And later that afternoon, Eva and her cousin, Riley, went to a stage performance of one of our favourite books — The Incredible Book Eating Boy! They loved it!

* Here is a flashback to when we went two years ago!

She loves him! 

She loves him! 



Happy 1st birthday, to my cute little niece, Lily Rose! 

As much as we’ve tried to avoid too many commercial toys and characters, nothing can take away the joy that a disney princess dress can bring! And there is no removing the princess phrase from the 4-year-old.

Eva is beyond lucky and grateful that her American grandparents sent her this beautiful, sparkly dress! 



Winter — another seasonal cold. 

Winter — another seasonal cold. 

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