Book Club {Volume 4}
In the Town All Year ‘Round — Rotraut Berner
The Little Yellow Leaf — Carin Berger
Each Peach, Pear, Plum — Allen Ahlberg
Dear Zoo — Rod Campbell 
All Through the Year — Jane Goodwin 

Book Club {Volume 4}

In the Town All Year ‘Round — Rotraut Berner

The Little Yellow Leaf — Carin Berger

Each Peach, Pear, Plum — Allen Ahlberg

Dear Zoo — Rod Campbell 

All Through the Year — Jane Goodwin 

The Ekka. Our big state fair, where the country meets the city and where we quickly realise that we are raising city kids. Despite the smile on Eva’s face while feeding the cute little lamb, she spent the majority of her time in the baby animal enclosure either in Johnny’s arms or running away from the aggressive goats. (Poor little goats; no one likes the goats.)

Eva did fulfil her dream of riding the Ferris wheel and walking away with an Ocotnauts show bag. For his part, Owen just seemed to love the spectacle of it all.

Dreaming of Summer

Owen Henry — 14 Months Old

These past couple of months have been hard on you, between a lingering cold, 12-month vaccinations, four molars and another cold,  you really haven’t been yourself.

But even through a snotty nose and sleep-interrupting cough, you are still winning “the happiest baby in the world” title from everyone that you meet.

Except, you aren’t really a baby anymore.



Walking! After a minor ear affection threw you off balance for a month, you have gone from toddling for a few steps to practically running full bore around the house.

You also love climbing, scaling furniture, to sit on chairs at kid-size tables  while feeding yourself with a folk or spoon. 

You blows kisses, wave bye bye and hello. 


di-na-dor (dinosaur), ball, dog, mama, dat (dad), done, again, that, go, down, shhh (shoe), woof

You point at the moon and say ball, at an airplane and say bird, and at any four legged creature and say dog. And if it isn’t a dog, it’s a dinosaur. 

You love to roar and all things dinosaurs. You have taken to pointing to our iPhones and saying (shouting) “daur” to signal you want to watch the dinosaur song on YouTube. 

If we ask you what does the dinosaur say, you roar. You will also woof at any dog you see or hear. You seem to have eye for dogs, spotting them from what seems an impossible distance.

Favourite foods:

meat, sweet corn, blueberries, apples, carrots, strawberries, baked beans on toast, 

Favourite toys:

dinosaurs, books, pirate ships, blocks, trains and anything that makes a recorded noise


being outside in the backyard, bath time, your sister, and music 

Favourite books:

Moo Baa la la la, How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight, Spot books oranything with flaps really, Alphablocks, Slinky Maliki, Harry McClary 

You love reading and will sit in our lap to listen to us read the same book several times in a row.

You love anything that comes apart or has a hinge. You will open and shut the tiny doors of Eva’s doll car or your legos. 

You love music and will start dancing at even the shortest little jingle.

One of your favourite games is to sword fight with the sturdy, foam swords that your daddy bought at Disneyland. We have three toy swords, and you, your daddy and Eva will rampage through the house in violent swordplay with Eva shouting, “Bring back my brother,” and “I must protect the castle!” 

Recently you have started to have a mini meltdowns and tantrums, but mostly when you feel that you have not been included.

You are so sweet natured and love to cuddle. You’ll lay your head on our shoulder and pat our back. You’ll hug and cuddle your stuffed animals and “Timmy” your baby doll. 

You also love shoes (shhs, you call them). And your favourite are a pair of navy blue ones which you’ll insist on wearing whenever you come across them. 

You love Eva. No one can make you giggle like Eva can. You definitely have your own little silly relationship. Although she isn’t particularly mothering, she’s concerned when your upset and will sing to you her own made-up lullaby.  

Owen Henry, you’re a such a sweet and loving little boy and we can’t to see your personality grow!

Owen Henry — Year One

The lovely Ami from Poppy Designs created this stunning infographic of Owen’s first year. I’m such a sentimentalist, so I just love her work and I couldn’t be more pleased with how this turned out! 





Favourite Things: Giant Play and Learn Book

I feel incredibly blessed to have two happy, healthy and beautiful children. Eva and Owen, I love you both beyond measure. 

Owen & Timmy

Owen & Timmy


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