Winter — another seasonal cold. 

Winter — another seasonal cold. 

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The obsession continues: “Elsa Hair”!

My beautiful Eva Lilly,


Creative. Confident. Beautiful. 

You’re such already such a storyteller. Like your daddy. Even your teachers comment on how imaginative you are. You regale us with stories that range from the auto-biographic to the fantastic.

Your imagination can take over your whole day. You will take on a character and not break it for hours at a time. “I’m Dashi,” you’ll insist, “and you’re Tweak” (from the Octonauts). We then have to act out rescue scenarios. This often involves a creature being stuck in a giant clam or swept away by string undersea currents. 

Or you will pretend to be a cat. “What do cats eat,” you ask. “Why do they lick themselves?” You have us tie a ribbon around waist for you tail and draw whiskers on your face with washable paint. You introduced yourself to the shop assistant as “Meow Meow!”

Just today your description of the dogs next door made me realise just how creative you are: “There were growling beasts next door with black beady eyes. And they had ten teeth and long pointy ears. And I ran really quickly and took big steps.”


You now like to purchase things or order your own food at cafes: “Please, I have a babyccino with one pink marshmallow?” What is the name for the order? “My name is Eva, Eva Willy” And you always stop to talk to shop assistants — "What’s your name? My name is Eva. You spell it E-V-A." You almost always carry around a small golden purse with your favourite toys when we go out — either Octonauts or princesses, which you often use as "show and tell" when talking to people: "these are my Octonaut toys” and then you proceed to pull out each one, naming them and describing their jobs or other details. 


Octonauts and Frozen and Princesses. And sometimes all three at the same time. These have been your obsessions for the whole of this year.

You will suddenly and spontaneously burst into song, singing at the top of your lungs, “For the first time in forever …”

"Well actually, I’m curious about Octonauts," you tell us, "but not Charlie and Lola"  We have acted out so many different Octonauts rescue scenarios with you that I can’t imagine a situation that we have not encountered. Sharks, man-eating clams, deep-sea dives into the midnight zone. We have face them all.


Painting. You hum while painting, which is always a sign that you love what you’re doing. 

Dressing-up. You often start your day in character and insist on wearing an outfit that closely relates and reflects whichever princess, Octonaut or animal you’re pretending to be.

Pearla, a neighbourhood cat visits our backyard, which you have named. When she left the yard the first time, you cried. But she has come back to visit since. You are so ready for a pet.

Rose. Your soft pink stuffed bunny, Rose is always your bedtime companion and often comes on adventures when we leave the house. 


Starting Kindy was the best decision we could have made. You have grown and learnt so much. On your first couple of days, you were a little apprehensive, but quickly warmed to your teachers and made friends. Now when I drop you off in the morning, you blow kisses as you’re often already too busy playing and saying hello to your friends.

You come home with stories of playing mermaids, princesses, doctors, coffee shop. You’re excited to recite songs that you’ve learnt.

We have seen you grow up so much in such a short time that it is both heartbreaking and heartwarming.


An interview with the four-year-old:

What is your favourite colour? Pink and Red

What is your favourite TV show? Octonauts and Play School too!

What is your favourite outfit? My white tutu “wedding” dress.

What is your favourite song? Frozen: “From the first time in forever!”

Who is your best friend? Lola, Charlie, Jacinta, Chloe, Ruby and Finn

What do you want to be when you grow up? I don’t know…

What are you really good at doing? I’m really good at putting on necklaces, crowns and rings. And I’m really good at ballet. I can put my ballet slippers on and do spinning and twirling. 

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? I really want to go to Disneyland again! And Africa, because I like Africa and giraffes.  

What is you favourite movie? Frozen and Beauty and the Beast.

What is the silliest thing you have done recently? I put my shoes on the wrong feet and then I have to change feet.

What is your favourite book: Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! And princess stories. 

So big! 

So big! 



Our Saturday Morning Routine — following Eva’s ballet class, we head straight to the farmers’ market. We usually pick up seasonal fruit and veggies, and never shop with a list. But our three things we always buy — coffee, warm freshly made croissants and unwaxed apples. A strange combination, but always a must.

* On a side note: how adorable are these two? It’s really a rhetorical questions, because they make my heart want to explode! 

Music makes him happy. 

Music makes him happy. 

A birthday party for Rose.


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