Saturday picnic in the park — spent happily soaking up the last of the summer warmth before the cool autumn change blows through. The change in season is just yet another reminder of how quickly time goes. And how quickly these little ones grow!

Afternoon nap and post-nap giggles. 

Four years later. 

A couple of days ago, this little blog of mine turned four years old. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been blogging for that amount of time and also that this little page on the internet has been such a big part of my life. And although it has evolved over this time, some months I have more time and creative energy to invest and other times I’ve struggled to share and write posts, but what has always remained the central focus of this blog has been to document and capture those little moments and memories of my children’s childhood. This is their modern day baby book. 

Such a happy chappy. 

Such a happy chappy. 



Should a nine-month-old baby be able to do this? Eek! 

On the move. 

On the move. 

Saturdays are for ballet and brunch.

Spin. Twirl. Pirouette. 

Ever since we went to see The Nutcracker, Eva’s aspirations to be a ballerina have been in full swing. She has displayed more focus in her Saturday ballet classes, and even practices at home.

If anyone—and I mean anyone: us, family, random strangers—talks to her for any length of time, Eva will break out her Jump Jump Star dance routine for them.

And just yesterday, she spent the day in her Tutu Du Monde dress, pretending to be a ballerina. These are the things of little girls’ dreams!  

A Late Sunday Afternoon Walk. 


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