Thor & Hulk — best early Christmas present. 

Lately — Milestones and a quickly trip to Melbourne.

Owen seems to be intent on growing up quickly. He wants to sit up, he wants to crawl, he wants to do whatever Eva is doing. And while Owen is looking up to Eva; Eva is looking up to her cousins.

Eva for her part is an attentive big sister. Most of the time anyway. Some of the times less so. (And at least once a day an active irritant of her little brother.) But she is always concerned for him.

Soon enough they will be able to really play and run together.

Loving — il Tutto — After Baby {Baby} Bag

These pictures were taken more than a couple of months ago and since they have been sitting in my drafts folder for so long, I thought I’d finally share them. And although it might be seen as being slightly pretentious to write one of these posts, I always enjoy reading them on other blogs! So here it is: What’s in my Bag.

Although this bag is designed as an “after baby bag” it fits all the essentials for two kids— nappies, wipes, change of clothes, burp cloth, snacks and a drink bottle for Eva, my purse, keys and phone. I could write more about how beautiful and functional this baby bag is, but I think it is better described here. Aside from the bag itself, these are some of my favourite items I always seem to carry around: an Aden & Anais muslin swaddle blanket, a Alimrose baby rattle and this Hello Kitty bento box.

Poppy’s Garden 

Spring time brings the most beautiful and fragrant flowers in my Father’s garden. On our recent visit, Eva took delight in picking different roses from each brush, whereas Owen was simply happy feeling the sensation on grass between his toes. It’s such a lovely time of year.

Starting {Pre} School

I feel completely overwhelmed with emotions at the thought that Eva will be starting pre-school in January. It’s just a few short months away.

Orientation has been this week, and it makes me sad to think how much more mature this experience is going to make her. I listened with pride mixed with regret (and small dose of incredulity) to Eva’s new teacher explain the various expected learning outcomes for the coming year.

I just can’t imagine that my little girl is going to be such a big girl so very soon!

Starting School by Jane Godwin 

Who said little boys aren’t fun to dress?

Shirt: Mini Boden, Leggings: Seed Heritage, Moccasins: Freshly Picked


Silence. While I didn’t mean to leave it so long between posts, it was nice to have a little break from blogging. The kids and I recently tagged along with Johnny on his business trip to Melbourne. It was lovely to explore the city a little more and visit family.

The weather was freezing! We wore coats while dodging the rain, sampled many cups of coffee, visited our favourite little chocolatier, explored new restaurants and lounged about in our hotel suite before staying with family. And while our visit was only short, it was a lovely change of pace. 

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”



Owen: Happy Chappy

Trick or Treat

Halloween is slowly gaining traction and becoming more popular. And while door to door trick-or-treating still isn’t commonly done, we spent the afternoon at our neighbourhood park. This year the local community had organised market stalls and free activities for kids—fishing in jelly (jello), an obstacle course, a craft table and a bunch of other Halloween themed carnival games. At the end of the activity the kids were given a lolly or candy.

Although Eva didn’t get to experience “real” trick or treating, she had a blast getting dressed up and seeing all the other kids in their costumes. 


Here are a couple of pictures of Eva, taken around the same age, in the same onesie. In some ways they look so different — different colouring, different hair and different temperaments. Yet size-wise they’re tracking almost identically and if you take away the distraction of their hair, they have very similar features. But despite whether or not they look similar, in my biased opinion, they’re both crazy cute!


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