Halloween {DIY: Fairy Wings}

What Eva Wore: Galaxy Headband: Tutu de Monde; bodysuit: gift; Black Pearl Pettiskirt: Princess Ratbag; Silver Mary Janes: Country Road; Fairy Wings: DIY 

I love Halloween.

I know this might seem like an obvious statement to make, but having grown up in Australia, it was something that we never really celebrated. Always seen as an “American holiday”, it has only recently grown in popularity. 

However, since Eva is half American (Side note: I hate that term — “half-American”. Maybe I should call her an Amerastralian or Austramerican?) I finally have an excuse to whole-heartedly celebrate Halloween and maybe, just a little, live vicariously through Eva now, knowing how ‘deprived’ I was as a child!  

Originally I wanted to dress Eva up as Little Red Riding Hood, especially after falling in love with this picture. But with no sewing machine or sewing ability, I decided to work with clothes from Eva’s existing wardrobe.

After stumbling across this tutorial, I thought I’d test my limited crafting ability to make a pair of fairy wings and turn Eva into a “dark fairy” for Halloween. And although I stayed fairly close to Gregarious Peach’s tutorial, I did make a few minor changes along the way. 

Materials:  two wire coat hangers, one pair of girls (size 8-10 yrs) white stockings, acrylic paint, white duct tape, pliers, scissors, incense and a lighter.

1. Bend coat hangers into matching wing-like shapes. This was seriously the hardest part of the project — bending the wire.

2. Connect the two hangers together by bending the hooks using the pliers (I got Johnny to go this — I know, I’m such a girl!).

3. Wrap duct tape tightly around the hooks to secure them and cover any sharp edges.

4. Firmly pull the leg of one stocking over the entire wire frame. Pull tight. Tie the stocking in a knot at one corner and cut the excess material off. This process would have most likely misshaped your wings and will need to be readjusted. 

5. You could use elastic to create the straps; however, I simply cut two thin strips out of the remaining stocking material. When attaching the straps you want to tie the material tight so there is no extra sagging.

6. Paint the wings using acrylic paint. In this case, I mixed black and white paint  to create a dark grey colour in order to match Eva’s pettiskirt. 

7. Using the hose outside, spray the painted wings to create a “faded” look. 

8. Leave them in the sun to dry completely.

9. Using the incense, create a pattern by burning small holes in the stockings. The longer you leave the incense, the bigger the holes. It should only take a second to create each hole. However, it’s important to note that the thicker the paint, the longer it will take to burn. 

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