Eva Lilly — 26 Weeks Old

This past week has been a little frustrating for little Miss Eva. She is desperate to crawl. To stand. To simply move. She watches older babies crawling and walking and lunges out of our arms believing that she is able to do so too. 

Eva is constantly on the move: rolling, pushing up, pushing on her knees, shuffling backwards, and slithering on her stomach. This movement also continues in her sleep. Eva will often roll on to her side and her stomach to sleep. 

Eva is still waking multiple times during the night. Usually two or three times before Johnny and I even go to bed for the night. At some point every night, Eva ends up back in bed with us. Some mornings, neither of us can remember who brought her into bed with us.

So most mornings, Eva wakes up with us. She is usually the first one awake and then wakes us up by reaching out and pawing at our faces with her hands.

Today marked another milestone: waving. It is an adorable wave that is a mix between a hang-loose sign and the Queen’s wave.

Favourite Foods: Banana and Avocado Mix

Favourite Song: Galumph Went the Little Green Frog

Favourite Activities: Bath time and smiling in the mirror



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