Eva Lilly — 33 Months Old


"I’m having fun! I’m on an adventure!"

Shouted multiple times at the top of her lungs while tearing around the living room on a toy tricycle, this is Eva’s new motto. Followed up very shortly with the perennial favourite, “Again! Again!”

In the last month or so, Eva has started to be just that little be more adventuresome, just that little bit braver, and just that little bit less cautious. Whether it is climbing up the equipment at the playground or exploring the park, Eva is more and more willing to do things on her own without Johnny or me as hovering back-up.

The other big change is more subtle, but sometime recently Eva crossed that line from a babbling toddler to a story-telling, opinion-expressing little girl.  It’s as if her ability to express herself has been a dimmer switch being slowly turned up. And it’s only when I think back to Christmas time that I realise just how much more articulate she is now and that we have whole conversations about this or that.

It makes me wonder, just 3 months from now, how much more grown up is she going to be? It’s such a bittersweet thought.





Favourite Books: Oliver Jeffers’ StuckGreen Eggs and Ham, Fox in Socks, I’m Not Sleepy and I Won’t Go to Bed, Where the Wild Things Are, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, A Proper Little Lady, Room on the Broom  

Favourite TV Shows: Charlie and Lola, Peppa Pig, Play School

Favourite Movies: Toy Story, Kung Fu Panda

Favourite Toys: Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, & Woody acting out various rescue  scenarios, Hop (her plush rabbit), her plastic toy barn animals

Favourite foods: sushi, inari, avocados, banana bread, apples, nuts, bananas, yogurt

Favourite Colour: Red


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