{Another} Rainy Day





Feeling a combination of waterlogged and cabin fever, we chanced the rain to spend Sunday afternoon exploring the city. Autumn is already upon us and the change in weather is just another reminder of the changes that are about to happen as our family of three expands to four.

Like I’ve written about before, I worry about how these changes will impact Eva. Already, I’m feeling pangs of guilt as my growing belly stops me from interacting with Eva normally — I no longer have the energy for long trips to the park, carrying Eva is only reserved for “must” situations and our mummy-daughter day trips are now few and far between. I hate that I have to say “I can’t” whenever she wants me to carry her and I hate that I don’t have the energy to run around with her. 

Slowly Eva is becoming more attach and reliant on Johnny and less on me. I love watching their relationship grow — seeing them dance around the living room or Eva enthusiastically calling out “Daddy, you’re Buzz and I’m Woody” as soon as he walks in the door from work to reenact another Toy Story rescue scenario. “Mummy, you’re tired. Sit down,” is my relegated role.

And as I watch them run around the house having a blast, I am a bit jealous. Or maybe hurt. Or maybe I am just tired after all. And I have heartburn. And Braxton-Hicks. Ugh.


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  2. nosmokewithoutpryor said: aw. the home stretch. almost there!
  3. nibblesandbits said: It’s a big change, and she’s so lucky to have two amazing patents to see her through it!
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  5. babytakesmanhattan said: I can relate, it’s been great to see C bond w my husband. Sometimes I feel left out or replaced because I’m busy w N. I’m happy she has such an engaged dad & I try to carve out time just for us. Nighttime stories, cuddles, sushi dates :)
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