Owen Henry — 6 Weeks Old

Already 6 weeks old and you are all smiles. You love it when we speak to you in a sing-song voice and mirror our smiles. You are still trying to work out how to move your mouth and let out little coos and random squeaks. You’re a noisy, snuffly sleeper, but you sleep soundly. You love floating in the bath and sigh while you have face washed. Your thighs are getting a little chubbier and your hair a little longer.  You hate riding in the car but relax when your sister sings Incy-wincy Spider and tells you that it will be OK and we will be home soon.


  1. jojopeanut said: Why do you have to have the cutest baby ever?! I want him so bad!!
  2. clementinesandmonkeys said: Love him!
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  5. bronzeandblush said: Your son is so adorable and I just love the name Owen.
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  7. umlayla211112 said: So precious ❤
  8. nosmokewithoutpryor said: HE IS SO CUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!
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