The Good:

Watching Owen and Eva interact. Eva is so loving towards her brother—almost violently (in a nice way) loving. We are constantly telling Eva, “gentle hands”, but it’s hard to convince her to be less aggressive when Owen is all smiles as his big sister tries to roll him around the bed.

Watching Eva’s imagination. Who would have thought that toy wooden cookies make for perfect train wheels? Or that cotton wool tips are perfect for painting colourful fireworks? 

Despite the lack of having a “real” Winter in Australia, Eva is curious and a little obsessed with talking about snow and Christmas for that matter. Most of our books have the seasons centred around the Northern Hemisphere, such as our favourite In the Town All Year ‘Round, which is why I love the Australian focused book All Through the YearSo despite it being Winter, Eva is expecting Christmas to come soon, but is just waiting for it to start snowing…

The Bad:

Using cloth nappies again. It’s hard going from disposables to cloth. Yes, modern cloth nappies are much easier than they use to be, but just not as convenient. So now my laundry pile just got a little bigger, which takes me to …

Having to do laundry every night. I haven’t seen the bottom of our laundry basket in months.

The Ugly:

Tantrums, iPads, and sleep deprivation. There have been too many days that we are not proud of as parents. Days where Eva has spent way too much time in front of a screen. Days where she is feeling rough and I am feeling rough and it is just too difficult to deal with the toddler tantrum, so I hand her the iPad. But at least these days are becoming less common as I am finally starting to find my routine as a mother of two. Instead we bake cookies, or do crafts or go to the park on a playdate. And those days are so much better.


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