Eva loves her little brother. It’s a beautiful, smothering love. Literally smothering, if you aren’t watching carefully.

So how do you discourage bone-crushing hugs, but encourage gentle, sibling cuddles?


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  3. juliasramalho said: Eva’s face in the picture with Owen is like: Have you took the picture? I want to give a bone-crush hug on him!!!
  4. madtown said: That exactly how Harper loves his sister. You’ll find as he gets older he won’t mind it as much as you do. Until then just keep reminding.
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  6. katunedited said: Logan is the same. But she doesn’t her to hold Dylan unless I’m holding Dylan (so really I’m just resting Dylan in her arms and lap). So no advice from me really! What is Owen swaddled in?
  7. ilovebean said: No clue. But please let me know when you find out. I’m sure I will need to be armed with this information.
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