I couldn’t be more proud of Eva. Despite a few moments, Eva has adjusted incredibly well to being a big sister. She’s patient and understanding when she needs to wait for me to feed or put Owen down for a nap, well, as much as any three year-old. But more than anything, I love how much she loves him. 

Whether it be an overly perky: “Did you have a good nap, Owen?” or announcing “It’s tummy time”. I love that she is concerned for him: “You’re ok. I’m right here” when he is fussing and I can’t get to him straight away. Just today I was pretending to eat Owen’s cheeks when Eva yelled at me: “Don’t eat Owen! I’d be really upset!”.

We still have to remind her to use gentle hands, but as much as we caution her, Owen seems to (mostly) love his big sister’s heavy-handed attention. 


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