Creating a Play Space for 6-18 Month Olds

I’ve always been inspired by the Montessori method, and while I don’t strictly follow the pedagogy, I borrowed many ideas when creating a little play space for Owen. Using a heavy blanket, Owen has a defined play area separate from the rest of the playroom. The black and white contrast images on the wall create interest and the open storage basket allows Owen to self select and keep small toys organised — books, musical toys and finger puppets. 

Each of the toys have been specifically selected to not only be ascetically pleasing, but to target development — stacking, clutching, motor control, object permanence and visual tracking.

Favourite Toys: Grimm’s Large Wooden Staking Tower, Plan Toy Wood Drum, Manhattan Toy Natural Skwish Rattle, Hape Little Copter, Wee Gallery Woodland Art Cards, Wonderworld Rainbow Sound Blocks, Bajo Wooden Ambulance

Favourite Lift-the-flap Books: Dear Zoo, Peek-A-Who?, The Robot Book


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