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Sunday morning we spent a couple of hours exploring Gallery of Modern Art and Queensland Art Gallery. We visited Cai Guo-Qiang’s exhibits again and went to the California Design 1930-1965 exhibition, both were fantastic. I went home researching Eames and desperately want to purchase a piece! 

The kids on the other hand had a blast staring at the replica animals and then playing with the air vents! 

By far, the most amazing and intriguing exhibition I have been to in a while. Cai Guo-Qiang is a genius. 

Eva was nervous but curious, and eventually her anxiety got the better of her in the wolf room.

Owen very nearly leapt out of Johnny’s arms at the Water Hole, and was not the least bit concerned by the wolves. 

A little bit of art at GoMA on a Sunday morning.

It’s little moments and days like these that I love living in the city. I love that my kids will grow up with access to such an amazing cultural precinct. 






This was our third session at GoMA’s Toddler Tuesday. Like I’ve perviously written, it’s a fantastic free program run by the Gallery of Modern Art for toddlers — I only wish that we could sign up to more than one class per term. If you live in Brisbane or are planning to visit, I’d highly recommend booking a class. They are super popular so you have to get in early, but they’re definitely worth it. 

The focus of this session was on using recycled goods to create sculptures and artwork. After exploring the gallery, the kids each made their own crowns from recycled paper in order to create something “precious”. Eva, of course, enjoyed making her own little master piece, but was a little more focused on visiting the dinosaurs in the museum building next door! 

September 18 — 11:24am
“GoMA — Bubble Art”


September 18 — 11:24am

GoMA — Bubble Art”

July 3 — 11:24am


July 3 — 11:24am


GoMA: Toddler Tuesday

I often rave about how great Brisbane is for kids. It’s fantastic. Eva is definitely one lucky little girl to live in a city filled with so many exciting and engaging activities, events and festivals! Not to mention our beautiful (most of the time) weather. And yesterday was no exception.

I’ve taken Eva to GoMA a few times, but yesterday we went to Toddler Tuesday. A free program, it focuses on early art appreciation and incorporates a number of games and activities as well as exploring parts of the art gallery. The only downside is that it’s very popular, which means you can only sign up once in every eight week blocks and it’s often booked out months in advance. 

The focus of yesterday’s session was on shapes — recognising shapes within our everyday life as well as in art. The teacher took the small group of toddlers through a section of the gallery as they explored and identified shapes within Indigenous paintings, followed by a large, mirrored mosaic art piece. It was beyond adorable to see a bunch of toddlers all carry around their own brown cushion to sit on as they “appreciated” each artwork. After this, we went back to the seminar room where each child created their own mosaic made up of colourful shapes. 

And although there were some conversations and activities that were a little beyond her (the class is aimed at 18 months - 4 years), today Eva excitedly told me about shapes and listed all the ones she could remember and then later this evening she began pointing out shapes and patterns on her pyjamas! 

Once the session finished we explored a little more of the gallery. Eva was completely enamoured by a conjoined-twin deer like structure at which she gleefully yelled “deers” from the other side of the room before having to be reminded to stay off the display by a gallery staff member as Eva pointed at the deers “ants” (antlers)! And as if Eva hadn’t done enough art and crafts, we went to the Fly Away Home exhibition where she created a bird and nest before making a paper flower as part of a school holiday activity at the State Library. 

We had such a fantastic time that I’ve already signed Eva up for another session in September! 


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