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Happy 1st Birthday, Owen!

Hip Hip Hooray! 

Last week we celebrated Owen’s first birthday! It was a lovely afternoon spent with family and close friends. Moustaches were out in force, bubbles filled the backyard and Owen enjoyed his first little piece of cake. 

We kept the food simple — cheese platers, soup and deli style sandwiches followed by chocolate cupcakes and a banana cake lovingly made by Owen’s Grandma. Rain threatened so the tables were cleared, leaving the backyard empty for the kids to run and play. 

It was the perfect afternoon. We couldn’t be more proud or grateful for our happy, smiley and beautiful boy. 




































What Owen Wore: Birthday Crown (Little Blue Olive), Hooray T-Shirt (Paul and Paula Shop), Skinny Jeans (Gap)

Decorations: Birthday Banner, Cheers Banner, Hanging Paper Gems (Kikki K), Photo Booth PropsMoustache Cupcake ToppersMr. Man Banner (Little Retreats), Rules to Being a Gentleman Poster (Good South), Silver Banner (Land of Nod), Silver Number 1 (Amazon), Instagram Photo Prints (Origrami)

Food Things: Wooden Knives, Folks and SpoonsMoustache PlatesMoustache Chocolate Mold, Cake Stands, Straws and other random items (Wheel and Barrow).  

Dear Eva

To my beautiful Eva Lilly,

I’ve sat here for the past hour, staring at the screen, trying to find the right words to say. But I’m drawing a blank. How can I put into words how much I love you, how much you have changed my life or how much joy you bring to my life?

I still find myself staring at your perfection, just as I did when you were a newborn. I used to hold you in my arms and watch on as you slept, memorising every curve of your face. And now you are a one year old. Not a baby anymore. 

Only this evening did it really hit me that you are becoming a little girl as you pointed at the baby’s mouth, belly button and eyes in one of your books. You then rummaged through your bookshelf to find “Good Night Moon” for us to read to you before you went to sleep. You were bored with your other good night books. Your daddy and I looked at each other in amazement.

And if this past year is anything to go by, this next year you are going to amaze us all over again.

You are already so determined and persistent. You insist on making us hold your hands as you walk us and even run us around the park as your relentlessly chase after birds. You insist on using the back of your spoon to jab at your food. You insist on talking on the phone whenever it rings. You insist on sitting on your daddy’s lap when he is at his computer. You insist on strumming the guitar. One might say you are a little bossy.

And we wouldn’t want it any other way.

You are you. Every cheeky smile. Every belly laugh. Every time I catch you sitting quietly, concentrating on turning each page in a book or using your shape sorter, I am falling in love with you a little bit more. 

I am incredibly proud to call myself your mother. And one day when you are old enough to read over these blog posts, you might feel a little embarrassed that I have gushed over your every move, but that is ok. When it comes time for you to have a child of your own, you will get it. 

With all of my love,


Eva’s 1st Birthday Presents

Our living room has been invaded! 

I know we might have gone a little overboard, but Johnny and I are indulging first time parents who don’t know any better. Along with some smaller gifts, we gave Eva a teepee from An Angel at my Table and a Svan table and chair set. We bought both of these presents intending on giving one of them to her for her birthday and saving the other for Christmas. But we were too excited and couldn’t wait!

Eva loves them. She loves playing peekaboo with the opening of the teepee, insists on being picked up to touch the bell, and will sit in there quietly, babbling to herself as she pulls toys out of her toy box.

She is still a too short for the table and chairs as I need to help her get on and off the chair. But once she is sitting there, her little legs begin kicking excitedly. She has taken to using jumbo crayons with delight and will feverishly bang them and scribble all over the paper and of course, the table.

We have left some of Eva’s birthday decorations up — somewhat out of laziness, but also because they look so pretty. I’m not sure what to do with the pom poms. Can they be “defluffed”? Or maybe i’ll move them into Eva’s room…

* FYI: the door is to our coat closet under the stairs, it’s not our front door. 

Eva’s Pretty in Pink 1st Birthday Party {the details}

The day came and went. And despite having to relocate the party from the park to our house due to a rainy weekend, it was perfect. Our house was filled with our closest family and friends. Both sets of Eva’s grandparents made the journey to Brisbane to celebrate — Johnny’s parents flew in from America and mine came in from interstate. The party couldn’t have happened without their help. They catered, they cleaned and they decorated. What would we do without family?

For us, Eva’s 1st birthday is a major huge milestone and we knew we wanted to celebrate it in a big way. Not only were we celebrating the day Eva entered the world and the first year of her life, but we also celebrated Johnny and I’s first year as parents. We survived! What a life changing and amazing year we have had — something to truly celebrate! 

  • Decorations: Pretty in Pink

Tissue Paper Pom Poms: Party Poms

"Lovely" Party Garland: JMC Creations

Retro Paper Straws: Little Sooti 

Mini Glass Bottles: Little Sooti

Accordion Lanterns: Martha Stewart

"Happy Birthday Eva" Banner: Little Retreats

Many of my “grand” DIY projects were left unfinished — with some I simply ran out of time, others I became too frustrated to complete (I’m too much of a perfectionist), and then there were a few that I completely forgot about!  

The mini glass bottles were such a hit and so much fun to use! Definitely a great investment for future birthday parties. 

Eva Lilly and Finn Billy Texas! 

Eva’s new favourtie song is “Happy Birthday”, which is always followed by a round of applause. 

Watching Eva’s 1st year video — I’m such a sentimentalist. I had to hold back tears.

  • Photo booth: 

Props: Little Retreats

Backdrop: DIY Fringey Streamers by Jordan Ferney

Happy 1st Birthday, my sweet baby girl!

I know that you won’t remember your first birthday, but I can only hope that you will look back at these pictures and know that you are incredibly loved. You are my everything.

love, mama 

Dear Eva

Dear Eva,

You are now 1-year old.  No longer a baby (and probably already annoyed that I still think of you as one). Almost a little girl. Trying to do things for yourself. Trying to explore the world around you. Pushing a little further and farther everyday.

I wonder how long it will be before you no longer turn around to make sure I am still there behind you, ready to catch you. How long will it be before you race off into the world ready to take it all on by yourself?

You are already so proud and confident and headstrong. Already trying to run faster and climb higher.

And I am so, so proud of you.

One day all of your achievements in this first year will seem so little compared to what you are doing then. Rolling over, sitting up, crawling, standing up, saying your first words. These will seem small and pitiful. But to us these achievements have been like climbing Everest. Huge accomplishments that we celebrated and documented and will never forget.

One day you will be somewhere, possibly halfway across the world, calling us to say that you have gotten that job or you are getting married or you are having baby. And those will be amazing, fantastic, life-changing moments for you and for us.

But you won’t remember that you felt the same way the first time you clapped your hands together. And the first time a puppy dog licked your outreached fingers. And the first time you noticed the rain falling onto your face.

I’ll remember all those moments for you.

We love you more than you can ever imagine.

Happy birthday, little girl.



Style Files: 1st Birthday Edition

Birthday Outfit: 

Hair clip: Ellani Petite

Top: Country Road
Tutu: Peace Street (These pictures don’t do justice to the beauty of Eva’s tutu — filled with gold flecks)

Shoes: Cheeky Little Soles

Toy: Jess the Cat — handmade by a friend

Outtakes and Allergies

My favourite shot of the day — capturing her cheeky smile! We used this as one of the pictures for Eva’s 1st birthday invitation. 

And now for the outtakes:

A child who would rather stand than sit

Uncooperative balloons

Eva trying to eat a balloon

And Eva’s oh-so-excited-ugly-yet-cute face

While planning for Eva’s first birthday, I’ve been thinking about all of her future birthday parties. I’ve been imagining what her requests will be — “I want to be a fairy”, “I want a cake shaped like a dolphin”, or “I want everything to be rainbow coloured!” And then I starting thinking about the birthdays she will attend.

I recently came across an article via Ohdeedoh on tips for kids with allergies at parties. I have written about this before, but for those who don’t know, Eva has a sensitivity and intolerance to cow’s milk dairy. It’s so bad that I can’t consume any dairy products because it goes straight through my breast milk and gives her horrible screaming gas pains and diarrhea.   

From what our doctor has told us, Eva will most likely grow out of it by the time she is a year to two years old. However, there is a possibility that she will never build up a tolerance, but I can only hope that she does.

I hate to think how difficult it would/will be when Eva gets a little old — no chocolate for Easter, cake at friends’ birthday parties, pizza parties, ice-cream, the list goes on. I hate to think that she is going to “miss out”.

Having been on a dairy-free diet for the past nine months, I can tell you that it sucks! No milk, cheese, cream, yogurt or ice-cream. As you can imagine those products are in nearly everything. And eating out has been incredibly limiting since that I’m already a vegetarian. 

I know that relatively speaking, in the grand scheme of things, it is not that big a deal. What I’m more worried about is that Eva will feel left out. We are already running into problems with Eva wanting to eat food that Johnny is eating, which has dairy in it. Trying to explain to an 11-month-old baby that she can’t eat something is near impossible and has been especially difficult when we are trying to encourage her to eat solid foods. 

I digress, this article made one point that I thought was particularly important to remember for the future. A Little Bit of Life:

Don’t alienate the child, or make a big deal about their allergy. If you have already spoken to the parents, they have also talked to their child, so the child already knows what they can and cannot eat. Don’t embarrass them by pointing out the accommodations you have made, especially in front of other children.

However, I could be blowing this all out of proportion because it seems like in today’s society, food allergies and special dietary requirements are becoming more common. 

I read about a company called Allergy Riders on Babyology and it seems like rather than hiding the fact that some kids have food allergies or intolerances, they have embraced it by creating cute and colourful food flags and cups so kids are easily able to identify party items they can eat. 

I’m Dairy Free

I’m gluten free; No nuts here

It would be wonderful if this caught on. And although I’m probably jumping the gun in thinking about all of this, because there is a good chance that Eva will grow out of this intolerance, but I guess this is just part of being a parent: you worry. 

Planning Eva’s 1st Birthday Party

Theme: Pretty in Pink

Colours: Shades of pink and hints of grey 

Guests: 50+

Crazy, I know. With Johnny’s parents flying in from the States, my dad flying up from Melbourne, close friends and family — it all adds up. We figure you only turn one once and we really want to celebrate it in a big way. It is not just a celebration for Eva, but also for us as parents — what an amazing and life changing year we have had!

Plus next year we will be in Austin, Texas for my brother-in-law’s wedding and we won’t have a chance for a big 2nd birthday party. 

Decorations: Think pink. 

Fresh flowers in mini-glass vases, tissue pom-poms, paper lanterns, retro-stripped straws in mini-glass bottles, fringey streamers, photo booth props, and a custom made “Happy Birthday Eva” banner from Little Retreats

1. Party Poms 2. JMC Creations 3. Little Sooti 4. Martha Stewart 5. Fringey Streamers DIY from Jordan Ferney 6. Little Retreats 

Food: Afternoon Tea

Mini cupcakes, mini scones with homemade jam and cream, finger sandwiches and other mini tartlets, slices and cookies. Homemade pink lemonade, coffee and tea. Some of these things I’m going to make in the week or so leading up to the party — homemade jam, slices and cookies. However, I’m currently looking into having some of this catered, because honestly I don’t want to have the stress of making 50+ cupcakes! Whose crazy idea was it to invite so many people?!?

As for the toddlers (I can’t believe that soon Eva will be classed as a toddler! To me she will always be my baby), I will make reduced sugar banana bread, fresh fruit and although not really “afternoonish”, I’m thinking of getting sushi (avocado rolls) because it is Eva’s favourite. 

7. & 8. Sarah K Chen 9. & 10. Jillian + Jonathan 11. Taste 12. Lovely Design (DIY Cupcake Flags — free download)

(Possible) DIYs:

I’m reluctant to post that I’m going to do any DIYs because I’m not a very crafty person, but some of these look easy enough that even I could manage to pull them off. I’m definitely going to make the Fringey Streamers and have already bought the crape paper. I’ve made a few prototypes of the party hats, which were easy to make but I have yet to decorate them and I’m not sure how many I’m going to make.

I would love to make homemade jam as a party favour for each family to take home. I first need to source mini-glass jars and price them to see if I can fit it in our budget.  

13. Fringey Streamers DIY from Jordan Ferney 14. Party Hats DIY from Jordan Ferney 15. Ruffled Party Hats 16. Homemade Jam (Image Source) 17. Mini Pinata 18. Cupcake Flags Lovely Design 



As a sentimentalist I’m all about creating keepsakes for Eva. I love the idea of creating a Time Capsule like the ones by Almost Sunday and inside placing a copy of her birthday invitation, photographs, a letter written by Johnny and I, birthday cards and wishes and future predictions from family and friends. 

There are less then 5 weeks until Eva’s birthday and I still have so much to do! I’m trying not to get too caught up in planning and organising this party, but to stop and remind myself to savour these last weeks before my baby girl turns 1. It is true what they say, they change so quickly. I’m still wondering where the time has gone. 

Eva’s first birthday is a little more than 5 weeks away, and we are finally getting ready to send out her invitations. Here is a little sneak peek! 

Eva’s first birthday is a little more than 5 weeks away, and we are finally getting ready to send out her invitations. Here is a little sneak peek! 


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