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Growing up by the beach, these are the types of childhood memories I have of summertime in Australia: splashing on the shore line, chasing the waves back and forth, giggling in the surf. 

And although I loved my childhood growing up in a small coastal town, I could never move back. I thrive in the city. I need the hustle and bustle. I need to stay busy. But every now and then it is refreshing to go back, to see the roads and the coastline and beaches that I have memorized. 

Last Friday we took an unplanned trip to day trip Byron Bay, and spent the afternoon playing in the sea as the sun went down. 

A little timid at first, Eva clutched my hand as she tiptoed her way to the water’s edge. And although she never let go, I had never heard such loud screams and giggles from her as she played chasey with each new set of waves. 

I guess it’s only through seeing the joy and happiness of such a simple thing that it makes you realise how beautiful life can be. I just wish we took the time more often to stop and breathe it all in. 



The End of Summer

Summer is over, the Autumn weather is just starting to settle in and again I find myself asking, where has the time gone? The older Eva gets, the faster time seems to go. I only feel like I’ve come to terms with having a one-year-old to all of a sudden realise that Eva will be two-years-old in just a few short months. 

Even compared to the start of Summer and during our trip to Hawaii, it’s amazing to watch how much more engaged Eva is. When you watch her, you can see that a light has switched on. She’s not just curious, but inquisitive; she’s not just wandering, but systematic; and she’s not just playing, but imagining. 

And I have to say that I’m absolutely loving this stage. Each day comes with new discoveries and developments. Eva is talking more and more — two of her new favourite words include: “dragonfry” (dragonfly) and “sue-she” (sushi). I know it won’t be long before she is speaking in full sentences and I can’t even begin to imagine what she will be saying and doing next Summer! 

I’m itching for Summer to begin. At the sight of any warm weather I’ve been dressing Eva in one of her sundresses — willing the warmth to stay. 

As winter is coming to an end, we are starting to come out of hibernation. We will soon begin Eva’s swimming lessons again and have already planned weekend trips to the beach. Summer can’t come soon enough!

*One of Eva’s favourite books at the moment is Where is the Green Sheep? She points out all the sheep, and as soon as we to get to the ‘star sheep’ she signs “star” and waits for us to hum to first few bars of ‘Twinkle Twinkle’.

**Only three months ago, Eva had to stand on her tippiest of tippy toes to ring the bell at the entrance of her teepee. Look at her now!

***I’ve finally come to the realisation that I will never finish Eva’s room. I’m too indecisive to decide on a paint colour for her walls. And then of course, Johnny and I are lazy and incompetent DIYers. So with that, I’m working on a room tour. Any tips or tricks on photographing a room with horrible natural light? 


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