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Eva Lilly — Almost 4! 

Dress and Headscraf: Lacey Lane

Eva Lilly — 3 years, 3 months 

Eva would be best described as cheeky, giggly, determined, stubborn, enthusiastic and curious. She is a little sponge — her vocabulary grows daily and is constantly asking questions. Eva has learnt the basic phonetics of the alphabet and can spell words if we sound out each letter. She loves reading books and role playing, but more than anything Eva loves playing with her friends. She is such a social little girl. 

We are constantly amazed by her imagination. Be it her having us call the Numberjacks—the heroes of her current favourite TV show—or her role plays with all of her stuffed animals, Eva has such an active imagination. More than anything though, we love the curious, little things that she says to us. Here’s a small collection some recent ones: 


Eva: Don’t take a picture right now. Maybe you’ll have to wait until I’m 6, cause then I’m be really old.


Eva: (while baking) I want to lick the spoon, please!

Me: No, sweetheart, too much sugar will make you feel sick.

Eva: Well, I like sugar. Sugar is my favourite and my best.


Eva: (to another little girl at the park) Hi, my name is Eva. What’s your name?

Johnny: I think she is a little shy.

Eva: Yeah, she’s a little bit timid.


Eva: Mummy, can I come play with your friends at the cafe?

Me: Sure

Eva: Ok, I’ll just talk. I’ll say: hello, my name is Eva!


Eva: … and then next year I’m be 4 years old and I can drive your car!


Me: (talking about going to Disneyland) … you could dress up like a princess.

Eva: No, I want to dress up like Batman!


Me: Stop annoying your brother.

Eva: But I want to pester him.

Me: Eva, stop.

Eva: How about poke him?


Eva’s usual response to getting in trouble: I’m only learning.


Spring is here! Top and Skirt: Country Road, Sandals: Salt Water

“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.”




This morning a beautiful little package arrived from Eva’s Great-Aunt, she immediately fell in loves her 'raff dress and matching accessories. As soon as she put it on, she ran around the house saying, “I’m so pretty!”. We had to practically pry it off her at bedtime.

Along with some adorable homemade bibs for the baby boy, this delivery was a welcome distraction to the fact that I’m still pregnant and my due date is tomorrow! 

Slightly disheveled after a trip to the library, Eva stood still long enough for me to snap these pictures. 

What Eva Wore — Headband: Witchery, Dress: Crewcuts, Boots: Seed Heritage 




Having a little girl has definitely taught me to embrace colour. While my wardrobe may remain primarily filled with neutral tones, more and more pops of colour are entering. I’ve realised how happy that wearing bright clothing can make you. Why should kids have all the fun, right?

What Eva Wore: Dress and Shoes: Seed Heritage, Footless-Tights: Mini-Boden.

The Case of the Runaway Stroller






What Eva Wore: Sailor Tee and Bubble Skirt (similar) — CrewCuts, Silver Mary Jane Shoes — Seed

Shop Eva’s Closet

Well, the time has come.

As many of you know, Eva has accumulated quite a wardrobe for her tiny age. And since we found out that our second child is a boy, we have decided that it’s time to let go of some of her clothes that have been sitting in storage boxes.  

Rather than selling them through eBay or Instagram, I’ve set up a Goodsie store — Happiness is Eva’s Closet — for easier shopping. All items are payable through PayPal and unfortunately due to the cost of shipping, I can only offer these items within Australia. If you are from overseas and desperately want to purchase something, please email me — — and I can quote you international shipping costs.

While Eva has a plethora of clothes, I’m only selling those items that are in very good to excellent condition. All prices are listed in Australian Dollars and reflect the quality, condition and brand of each piece. For those in Australia, I have a range of American brands, many of which are unavailable in Australia — Misha Lulu, Janie and Jack, Crewcuts, Baby Gap, Guess Jeans, Saltwater Sandals, Roxy, Ralph Lauren etc — as well as a number of Australian brands including Country Road, Sooki Baby, Tutu Du Monde, Bardot Jnr and Jack and Milly. 

If you have any questions you can email me — — or contact me through Facebook. Happy Shopping!

Growing Up

Sometimes it’s a little overwhelming to think how quickly Eva has grown, how so much has changed and how she has developed. Yet ever since she was a baby most of her personality quirks have stayed true: curious, stubborn, headstrong, determine, cheeky and giggly. It’s hard for me to imagine that in just a few short months, my long legged little girl will be turning 3! 

T-Shirt: Crewcuts, Jeans: Witchery, Shoes: Seed Heritage

How I learned to stop worrying …


… and accept commercial toys into my house.

When we have purchased toys, we have worked hard at favouring wooden toys and non merchandised toys. Of course, there have been exceptions here and there; the plastic farm animals are favourites as are the Loving Family doll sets from her grandparents. But there is something wholesome and nurturing in the stuffed cat and owl my best friend made for Eva, and the non-branded wooden dollhouse downstairs (that albeit looks ghetto as anything next to the picture-perfect Loving Family dolls).

But still, I had mostly held out against the merchandise. It was the line in the sand.

Buzz and Woody have been in our house for almost 2 weeks and the imaginary, complex play that has ensued has grudgingly overcome my initial misgivings. Eva often makes Johnny be Buzz—my imagination is apparently not up to scratch (though my rendition of Buzz singing ‘I’m a Little Teapot” is a fav)—and they go flying around the house rescuing each other from one sticky situation after another: trapped under the blanket, trapped under the pillow, trapped on top of the table, and being attacked by the purple snake.

But Eva is also starting to play more and more on her own. She has Buzz and Woody engage in long, involved conversations while hiding behind the bed planning their escape (again) from under the blanket. They sometimes raid the pirate ship and have on occasion squatted at the Loving Family household (much to the chagrin I imagine of that prissy looking mother).

It has been so much fun to watch that I don’t regret Santa bringing them in the least.

But that’s it. No more merchandised toys shamelessly marketed to little kids in this house. Un-uh. Mark my words.

Incidentally, the Kung Fu Panda (TM) band-aides aren’t covering up any actual injuries, they just make Eva feel better.






What Eva Wore: Top: Lacey Lane (similar), Shorts: Crew Cuts, Shoes: Saltwater Sandals


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