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Owen Henry — 14 Months Old

These past couple of months have been hard on you, between a lingering cold, 12-month vaccinations, four molars and another cold,  you really haven’t been yourself.

But even through a snotty nose and sleep-interrupting cough, you are still winning “the happiest baby in the world” title from everyone that you meet.

Except, you aren’t really a baby anymore.



Walking! After a minor ear affection threw you off balance for a month, you have gone from toddling for a few steps to practically running full bore around the house.

You also love climbing, scaling furniture, to sit on chairs at kid-size tables  while feeding yourself with a folk or spoon. 

You blows kisses, wave bye bye and hello. 


di-na-dor (dinosaur), ball, dog, mama, dat (dad), done, again, that, go, down, shhh (shoe), woof

You point at the moon and say ball, at an airplane and say bird, and at any four legged creature and say dog. And if it isn’t a dog, it’s a dinosaur. 

You love to roar and all things dinosaurs. You have taken to pointing to our iPhones and saying (shouting) “daur” to signal you want to watch the dinosaur song on YouTube. 

If we ask you what does the dinosaur say, you roar. You will also woof at any dog you see or hear. You seem to have eye for dogs, spotting them from what seems an impossible distance.

Favourite foods:

meat, sweet corn, blueberries, apples, carrots, strawberries, baked beans on toast, 

Favourite toys:

dinosaurs, books, pirate ships, blocks, trains and anything that makes a recorded noise


being outside in the backyard, bath time, your sister, and music 

Favourite books:

Moo Baa la la la, How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight, Spot books oranything with flaps really, Alphablocks, Slinky Maliki, Harry McClary 

You love reading and will sit in our lap to listen to us read the same book several times in a row.

You love anything that comes apart or has a hinge. You will open and shut the tiny doors of Eva’s doll car or your legos. 

You love music and will start dancing at even the shortest little jingle.

One of your favourite games is to sword fight with the sturdy, foam swords that your daddy bought at Disneyland. We have three toy swords, and you, your daddy and Eva will rampage through the house in violent swordplay with Eva shouting, “Bring back my brother,” and “I must protect the castle!” 

Recently you have started to have a mini meltdowns and tantrums, but mostly when you feel that you have not been included.

You are so sweet natured and love to cuddle. You’ll lay your head on our shoulder and pat our back. You’ll hug and cuddle your stuffed animals and “Timmy” your baby doll. 

You also love shoes (shhs, you call them). And your favourite are a pair of navy blue ones which you’ll insist on wearing whenever you come across them. 

You love Eva. No one can make you giggle like Eva can. You definitely have your own little silly relationship. Although she isn’t particularly mothering, she’s concerned when your upset and will sing to you her own made-up lullaby.  

Owen Henry, you’re a such a sweet and loving little boy and we can’t to see your personality grow!

Last Friday was Eva’s fourth birthday. We celebrated with pizza, chocolate ice cream and cupcakes while watching Frozen on our back desk. Eva sang throughout the movie and performed alongside Elsa with her grandparents and little brother watching on in awe. It was perfect! 

Happy 4th Birthday, Eva Lilly! 

Happy 1st Birthday, Owen!

Hip Hip Hooray! 

Last week we celebrated Owen’s first birthday! It was a lovely afternoon spent with family and close friends. Moustaches were out in force, bubbles filled the backyard and Owen enjoyed his first little piece of cake. 

We kept the food simple — cheese platers, soup and deli style sandwiches followed by chocolate cupcakes and a banana cake lovingly made by Owen’s Grandma. Rain threatened so the tables were cleared, leaving the backyard empty for the kids to run and play. 

It was the perfect afternoon. We couldn’t be more proud or grateful for our happy, smiley and beautiful boy. 




































What Owen Wore: Birthday Crown (Little Blue Olive), Hooray T-Shirt (Paul and Paula Shop), Skinny Jeans (Gap)

Decorations: Birthday Banner, Cheers Banner, Hanging Paper Gems (Kikki K), Photo Booth PropsMoustache Cupcake ToppersMr. Man Banner (Little Retreats), Rules to Being a Gentleman Poster (Good South), Silver Banner (Land of Nod), Silver Number 1 (Amazon), Instagram Photo Prints (Origrami)

Food Things: Wooden Knives, Folks and SpoonsMoustache PlatesMoustache Chocolate Mold, Cake Stands, Straws and other random items (Wheel and Barrow).  

This kid took two steps by himself today!

This kid took two steps by himself today!

Owen Henry — 11 Months Old

Owen Henry, you are a sweet boy filled with smiles. I’ve said it too many times, but this growing up thing is bittersweet. I’ve noticed this last growth spurt — your legs are getting longer, feet and hands bigger and you no long fit easily under the dinning room table. But you are still my little baby; I rock you to sleep while singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. I feed you, huddled in close. I smile with pride at each milestone. 


Fine-motor: You can stack wooden blocks — three or four blocks on top of each other with the sole goal to knock them down. You can stack rings in the correct order according to their size. You try to manipulate toys or everyday items—lids on containers—or stand two figurines next to each other in imitation of Eva’s pretend play. 

Talking!: Mama. Dada, book, ball and more. Og for dog, which you excitedly like to point out whenever you see one. But ball would have to be your favourite word. The other morning you woke up and repeatedly said ball until we found one and brought it back to bed. It was 3am. 

Climbing!: You climb everything—stairs, onto the second floor of Eva’s dolls house, in and out of baskets. You love to climb into your big, red plastic car and close the door behind you. 

Walking: You’re almost walking independently! You walking around with pride and determination while holding onto our hands. If you are distracted and concentrating on something else, you’ll walk just holding onto one hand. If you are really distracted you can stand on your own for about 10 seconds without holding onto anything.


Books! You have your favourites. You point and ask for more. You roar at the lion in Dear Zoo, anticipate the tickle when you see the monkey, wave bye bye to the baby in Baby Loves Peekaboo, kiss the mirror at the end of Peek-a-who

Bath time! Any time of the day is a good time for bath. You love the shower and if there is running water to be heard, you come scurrying along!    

Your Daddy. Much more so than Eva at the same age, you are a Daddy’s boy. As soon as he comes home from work, you are in his arms. In the morning as he tries to leave for work, you demand to picked up and then hold on to him as tightly as you can, hoping to go with him. But at night you only want to be comforted by your mummy. 

First haircut.

My 11 month old baby is now looking more and more like a little boy. Bittersweet. 

Eva Lilly

Eva is quickly approaching her 4th birthday (can you believe it?!) and more and more as she grows she becomes this complex little person with her own thoughts, reasoning and ideas —  ”I’m doing running and leaping so I get more energy. And I’m doing galloping so I get smarter and smarter. And I’m twirling so I get more brave when there is rain and lightning and thunder!” (I couldn’t make this stuff up!). I feel like I really need to sit down and write a little update about Eva:

1. “I have a plan”. She is always about coming up with a solution, mapping out a plan or negotiating a resolution. If something goes wrong or a mistake has been made: “it’s ok mummy, I’ve got a great idea…” or like today on the way home from our morning outings, Owen was overtired and crying in the car, Eva started to “shhh” him and just as we pulled into the drive away he fell asleep — “He just closed his eyes. I put him to sleep. We’re a team, mummy!”

2. A performer. She will recite songs learnt from preschool or reenact dance routines from her Saturday morning ballet class. Just the other day I noticed that she was dancing in the playroom and singing quite loudly only to realise that she was actually putting on a performance for our unaware neighbour who was talking with some trades people.  

3. Confident. Eva loves to talks to “stranger” — asks questions and tells stories. Just the other day she started talking to a shop keeper who commented on one of Eva’s toys that she was carrying around in her purse. “I got these Octonaut toys for Christmas and I got an Octopod as well. My mummy said that I was a lucky ducky, but my daddy calls me sweetheart.” 

4. Princesses and Octonauts. Eva is in full swing imaginary play mode and seems to alternate between the two obsessions. For the past week she has been reenacting rescue scenes with her Octonaut figurines and for the past couple of days I’ve had to refer to her only as Dashi (one of the characters) and she’ll correct me if I call her Eva or sweetheart — “I’m not sweetheart! I’m Dashi, remember?” We have a couple of books, including the Creature Report and I’m just amazed at the information that she has retained. 

The other day I opened the book to the narwhal and in character, Eva schooled me: “The narwhal has a big tusk and lives in the coldest place in the world. The arctic.” 

5. Cheeky. She is at the age of testing boundaries, which is normal, but incredibly frustrating. Eva has run away from me and “played” hide and go seek at the supermarket. Swatted at me in frustration only to lie and stay that she was just trying to give me a high 5!!

Everyday Eva makes us proud, she makes us smile, laugh, and a little frustrated too!

Owen Henry — 10 Months Old (posted 2 weeks late!)

Owen is such a sweet–natured, loveable boy. He is still cheeky and loves cuddles.

Owen has found his voice. He calls out, squeals and babbles. In underground car park, he hollers back and forth with Eva to hear his voice echo and loves to hear his hoots magnified through the microphone on Eva’s toy piano.

Eva and Owen’s relationship is growing. It’s so rewarding to watch. While Eva isn’t the maternal, dotting older sister, she treats him like a playmate—someone to chase her, blow raspberries at each other, and get admonished with together. They have already teamed up against Johnny and me erupting into giggles when the “get in trouble”. 

He also now says “da da da da” for Johnny.

He is still a daddy’s boy and tries to stall Johnny in the mornings as he leaves for work—reaching, pointing, demanding extra cuddles and crawling into his lap as he ties his shoes.

He will crawl into our lap to read a book. He will request certain books over again by pointing or simply throwing any new book you try to read aside. His current favourite is Moo, Baa, La La La. He will now repeat and imitate some of the sounds.  

Owen is also such a social little boy. He waves at “strangers” and is constantly smiling. He loves going to his baby stories and rhyme time at our local library and interacting with the other babies.

He is such a strong little boy — stronger than Eva was at the same age. He can now pull up, stand up, walk around furniture, walk while holding his hands. Although, he still prefers to crawl, and we’re in no hurry to force him. 

Knowing from experience, they grow up so fast, and I am just trying to enjoy every minute that I can.


Food: apples, blueberries, carrots, tofu & meat

Books: Spot’s first Easter, Moo Baa La La La, Peek a Who?

Toys: Eva, Eva’s toys — Octonauts and Frozen figurines, Little Tikes Red Car, and the wooden Melbourne Tram and peg people. 

Songs: 5 Kangaroos, Roar by Katy Perry

Preschool. Kindy. Eek! 

We know it was coming. Johnny stood in line for registration at 4am over a year ago. We had been to orientation. We had read all the information sheets. We were ready.

But I am not ready!

There is no going back. School is such a milestone. An irrevocable one. And as excited as I am about seeing how Eva changes and adapts, it is so bittersweet.

It has been the first of many “Back to School” sales, and for this first one I chose all of Eva’s clothes and supplies carefully. Even though I can’t fully control what happens at preschool, at least I can plan and prepare — labelling everything! 

The lovely people at Stuck on You sent Eva a few things to help her prepare for the year ahead — new labels, a drink bottlebag tag and a library bag. Eva specially chose the Sweet Treats design and was super excited to show her teacher the pictures of pop corn, ice cream and lollipops. She filled her library bag up with books and carried them around the house — just to practice. And of course, she loves seeing her name in print! I, on the other hand, love the stainless steel drink bottle (no plastic aftertaste) and the high quality labels that last wash after wash. 

I see Eva in her new school outfits. Her new backpack. Her hair braided in three plaits—just as she requested. Her lunch packed. And it makes me as anxious as Eva is. Will she adapt? Will she make friends? Will she be teased? Will she miss me? With Eva, I am all positivity and smiles, but inside I am a ball of nerves. Rationally, I know that she will adapt, that she will make friends (she already has), that she will miss me (but she will have fun). 

But she looks so big and so small all at the same time. 

Owen Henry — 8 Months Old

Owen is developing such a sweet temperament. He is full of cuddles and slobbery kisses. He waves and is constantly smiling! Owen is now crawling faster, navigating slight inclines, pulling up on furniture. With every day he seems to have more balance and control enabling him to move with greater agility. In fact, this morning he managed to climb up the first step of the staircase! 


Books — especially lift the flap or pop-up ones. Dear Zoo and Peek-a-Who? are his favourites. 

Water — bath time, the shower, running water, the hose, buckets, cups. He loves it all, although he is not so keen on the waves of the ocean…

Food — surprisingly Owen is still not a fan of banana, but loves pretty much anything and everything he tries. Although he seems particularly excited about eating watermelon and blueberries.

Toys — Eva’s toys and figurines! He also loves these Kid O stacking and nesting cups.

Eva — Owen is fascinated by his sister. He will try to chase her down while she runs circles around him. If she is crying, he will go looking for her. And he wants to be doing whatever she is doing. For her part, Eva is a loving sister (within reason—after all, know right-minded person would be willing to share their favourite toys with anyone). But every morning, they both have big smiles and cuddles for each other.


Sleeping alone — although he naps in his cot during the day, at night we have resorted to co-sleeping just so we can all get a little more sleep! 


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